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BS:2881:1989 & misuse of drugs act compliant controlled drugs rooms

In a world where stock often isn't what you need, Pharmacy Medical are well known for their ability to manufacture bespoke controlled drugs cabinets allowing you, the customer, a product that meets your exact requirements.

As pharmacies start to grow and cover ever increasing areas, they are starting to look at new an innovative ways to store and distribute their medicines and drugs between outlets. One way of doing this is to have a controlled drugs room at HQ. By incorporating a controlled drugs room within the headquarters, controlled drugs can be ordered in bulk, and stored securely before being distributed to the required outlet as and when.

This not only saves on costs as bulk purchases are often significantly cheaper, but it allows the pharmacy significantly greater stock control.

Pharmacy Medical are in a unique position to make this a possibility.

Working with a leading pharmacy chain in the midlands area Pharmacy Medical have created their first controlled drugs room. Compromising of steel clad walls, inner controlled drugs cabinets and a reinforced steel door, this room was also connected the the buildings alarm for additional security.

Here at Pharmacy Medical, our manufacturing capabilities allow us to offer this service in a cost and time effective manner.

Pharmacy Medical can manufacture the components for your controlled drugs room, from wall panels to controlled drugs cabinets and doors, we have the capabilities to manufacture them all.

Please get in touch to see how Pharmacy Medical can help with your controlled drugs room.

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