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CoSHH Compliant Storage Cabinets

All of our storage cabinets, with the exception of the personal lockers, are designed to meet relevant CoSHH guidelines for the storage and control of substances hazardous to health. All of our CoSHH compliant cabinets are manufactured in the UK and feature a powder coated quality metal construction with a liquid retaining welded metal sump.

CoSHH guidelines state that products covered by the control of substances hazardous to health (CoSHH) guidelines should be stored safely and securely and be clearly identifiable by type and name. Using our range of cabinets enables you to do this. These cabinets are designed to hold hazardous substances and incorporate a liquid retaining sump that is 100% the volume of the largest recommended container to be stored within them. Please take not of this under the specification section of the product. The shelf design of these cabinets also encourages spills on shelving to be channeled down the back of the product in to the sump enabling easy spill removal.

All of the cabinets we offer are available for our bespoke manufacturing service. Looking for quantities or a quotation, please get in touch.

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