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Ebola in Sierra Leone.

How Pharmacy Medical are helping to fight Ebola in Sierra Leone.

Pharmacy Medical are helping to tackle the Ebola crisis in Western Africa with this shipment of controlled drugs cabinets destined for Ebola treatment centres in Sierra Leone.

Fighting Ebola in Sierra Leone

We have been given the task of producing 40 controlled drugs cabinets to help fight the Ebola crisis in western Africa.

The images below represent half of the order to be delivered today, ready to be shipped to Africa on Friday 7th November 2014.

The order was placed only a week before the first batch needed to be delivered placing us under pressure to perform.

As ever, all 20 of the first batch of cabinets were completed on time and delivered to join the rest of the shipment of items in Liverpool before being flown to treatment centres in Africa tackling the Ebola crisis.

Pharmacy Medical helping to fight the Ebola crisis with controlled drugs cabinets.

The first batch of Controlled Drugs Cabinets (CDC-203) waiting to be loaded onto a lorry to start their long journey to Africa to fight the Ebola crisis.

Ordering 40 of our CDC-203 cabinets, this was one of the largest orders for a single type of controlled drugs cabinet we have ever received. Our CDC-203 cabinet is our double door cabinet and comes complete with six internal adjustable shelves and one door lock. Designed to be robust and hard wearing, these cabinets are perfect for use in Africa helping to tackle the Ebola crisis. Their superior construction also adds additional strength making them some of the most secure level 1 controlled drugs cabinets available on the market and ensuring that the medicines contained within them are kept safe to further aid those fighting Ebola.

We knew very well when we shipped these cabinets that we would not be able to offer our usual after sales service. To counteract this we sent every cabinet with a wealth of spare parts, additional locks, washers, bolts and wall fixings were sent to help make the installation and maintenance of these cabinets as simple as possible.

Controlled drugs cabinets on a lorry to be shipped to Africa to help fight Ebola

Part of the first batch of Controlled Drugs Cabinets loaded onto a lorry before starting their long journey to help fight Ebola in Africa.

The decision to use Pharmacy Medical as their choice of cabinet to help tackle the Ebola crisis cements us as one of the UK’s leading Controlled Drugs Cabinet manufacturers. That we could manufacture 40 cabinets within 10 working days and still maintain our usual levels of service to our everyday customers speaks for itself. During this exceptionally busy time, all orders were dispatched without delay, and we had no stock level issues maintaining good stock levels of all cabinets, including the CDC-203 that we have sent out to help tackle the Ebola crisis.

We hope that these cabinets are put to good use and serve their doctors well in the fight to eradicate Ebola, and hopefully help to save many lives along the way.