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Intelligent Keys Save Nurses Valuable Time in Hospitals

Intelligent keys fit into the space normally taken up by our Euro Profile Cylinder Locks.

They work in the same way, and throw a mechanical bolt making them comply with the misuse of drugs act. Programmable, recordable and able to open several different locks, these intelligent keys help to save valuable time and ultimately money.

Intelligent Keys in Hospital Applications

Intelligent keys are rapidly becoming accepted as a cost effective way of adding traceability and data logging across a hospital environment.

Mechanical lock for CLIQ intelligent keys

Intelligent keys open mechanical locks

Using an intelligent key, a hospital ward manager is able to programme a key at the start of a shift. This key is then specific to an individual nurse. The key can be programmed to allow access to certain locks so that the nurse can access certain areas within a hospital, without needing to carry around a bunch of keys. The key will then log what lock that key has opened and when, offering a level of traceability never before seen from such a simple system. An added benefit of this system is that a key can be wiped from the system remotely. This means that if a nurse were to loose their key it can be deleted from the system and will stop working, increasing safety.

All that is required for this system to work is an intelligent key, smart lock cylinder and a computer programme. The intelligent key will only work in a smart lock however there are many smart lock options, including euro profile cylinders, compatible with our controlled drugs cabinets, cam locks and padlocks to name a few.

intelligent keys programming equipment

Intelligent keys are electronic and programmable

PharmacyMedical can make all of their lockable hospital furniture items intelligent key and lock compatible upon request. They do this by using Assa Abloys CLIQ system which is installed by a third party. This ensures a high quality system installed onto a high quality product by high quality engineers.

Most hospitals, clinics and pharmacy departments around the United Kingdom use a traditional mechanical lock and key system to control access and maintain the security of their controlled rugs cabinets etc. A standard hospital ward will have many different cupboards, fridges etc. all of which have different locks and therefore a different key. As a result the ward manager, or nurse who is on charge, will be responsible for a large bunch of keys for their shift.

Assa Abloys CLIQ System provides an ideal solution to this problem. Having an intelligent key that can open several locks, reduces the need to carry a bunch of keys. This ensures that every nurse has access to the correct area, and that any lost keys do not pose a threat to ward security.

Infascstructure costs for CLIQ

Infrastructure costs for CLIQ Intelligent Keys


Ward Set-up-costs for CLIQ Intelligent keys


Annual Costs for CLIQ  intelligent Keys