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CDC101 Controlled drugs cabinet

Information on or CDC101 Controlled Drugs Cabinet

CDC101 Controlled drugs cabinet, manufactured by Pharmacy Medical in the United kingdom. Conforms to BS2881:1989 security level one and to the Misuse of Drugs (safe custody) regulations 1995.

Wall Fixing CDC101 Controlled Drugs Cabinet

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CDC101 controlled drugs cabinet

CDC101 controlled drugs cabinet manufactured by Pharmacy medical

Our  CDC101 Controlled drugs cabinet has a volume of approximately 43 litres and is one of the more popular Controlled drugs cabinets in our range. It has been designed for use in smaller medical practices where Controlled drugs are dispensed but  smaller amounts need to be held at the practice. This type of cabinet is popular with vets, schools and some larger care homes.

All our cabinets including the  CDC101 Controlled drugs cabinet are now produced incorporating  the new 6 Pin euro profile cylinder lock which has Anti-pick, anti-drill and anti-bump resistant features. This lock supersedes the seven lever mortace locks  fitted to our Controlled drugs cabinets previously. The new locks are independently tested and  meet BS: EN1303:2005. They are stamped with a Kitemark KM53292. They also meets the MLA vulnerability test for cylinders and come with a  10 Year Lock Cylinder guarantee from manufacturer.  The Key Retention (Key cannot be removed when the cabinet door is open) is a feature required by the Misuse of Drugs (safe custody) regulations 1995 .

The CDC101 Controlled drugs cabinet is designed to be wall mounted and to facilitate this it has four 11 mm Diameter holes in the rear. Each hole has the required Anchor plate fitted and the cabinet is supplied with four M10 x 75 Sleeve Anchor bolts. You can find help and information on the fitting of Controlled drugs cabinets in one of our earlier Blogs.

This CDC101 Controlled drugs cabinet has more shelves per litre than some of the other cabinets in our range. It has four door shelves and five internal shelves, two of which are adjustable and removable.The two removable shelves allow storage of a single large bottle of Methadone in the space remaining.  The Cabinet is finished in a wipe clean Polyester powder coated finish RAL 9003 texture white.

We have a 360 deg YouTube video which will give you a good representation of the CDC101 Controlled drugs cabinet.

CDC101 Controlled drugs cabinet

CDC101 Controlled drugs cabinet

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