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Archive: Mar 2015

  1. Hospital Bedside Cabinets from Pharmacy Medical

    Metal Hospital Bedside Cabinet from Pharmacy Medical

    Pharmacy Medicals new hospital bedside cabinet has been designed to be a hygienic, low cost, customisable solution to new CQC guidelines for storing medicines in hospitals.

    The metallic construction, and hygienic powder coated finish makes the hospital bedside cabinet infection control friendly and hard wearing.


  2. CDC203 Controlled drugs cabinet.

    Wall Fixing CDC203 Controlled drugs cabinet.

    It, as with all  Controlled drugs cabinets in our range is designed and manufactured to the standard required to store controlled drugs in the United Kingdom. Forty of these units were purchased by the UK Government and sent to help fight the Ebola crisis in Sierra Leone.


  3. CDC 906 Controlled Drugs Cabinet

     Information on our CDC 906 Controlled Drugs Cabinet.

    Manufactured to  British Standard 2881:1989 level one and meets the requirements of The Misuse of Drugs( safe custody) regulations 1975.

    Fully compliant with UK Controlled drugs storage requirements.


  4. CDC101S Controlled drugs cabinet

    Information on our CDC101S Controlled Drugs Cabinet

    Our CDC101S Controlled Drugs Cabinet is a variant of our long standing and popular CDC101 Controlled Drugs Cabinet.


  5. CDC105 Controlled drugs cabinet

    Information on our CDC105 Controlled drugs cabinet.

    Our CDC105 Controlled drugs cabinet is a medium size  cabinet, popular with many dispensing Pharmacys.


  6. Pharmacy dispensing trolley

    Information on our Pharmacy Dispensing Trolley

    Pharmacy dispensing trolley manufactured for Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS foundation Trust.


  7. CDC002 Controlled Drugs cabinets

    CDC002 Controlled Drugs cabinets 270mm W x 335mm D x 300mm H.

    Our CDC002 Controlled Drugs cabinets are manufactured to the highest standards and comply with  the “Misuse of Drugs (Safe Custody) Regulations 1975”


  8. CDC103 Controlled drugs cabinet

    Information on our CDC103 Controlled Drugs Cabinet

    CDC103 Controlled drugs cabinet. This is a popular Controlled drugs cabinet capable of holding large quantities of Controlled drugs.