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CDC101S Controlled drugs cabinet

Information on our CDC101S Controlled Drugs Cabinet

Our CDC101S Controlled Drugs Cabinet is a variant of our long standing and popular CDC101 Controlled Drugs Cabinet.

Wall Fixing CDC101S Controlled Drugs Cabinet

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CDC101S Controlled drugs cabinet has a capacity of approximately 43 Litres and weighs approximately 18kg.

CDC-101S Controlled drugs cabinet manufactured by Pharmacy Medical

CDC-101S Controlled drugs cabinet

We modified the CDC101S Controlled drugs cabinet from it’s sister cabinet in order to reduce the weight and number of shelves and as a result have been able to reduce the cost. The cabinet is popular with small to medium sized premises where Controlled drugs are dispensed and stored in relitivly small amounts. Premises such as Schools, veterinary practices, care homes and Doctors surgeries regularly purchase this item. The cabinet still retains its basic size  of 480mm H x 560mm W x 160mm D and now features two fully adjustable and removable shelves.

The Cabinet is easy to fit using the four fixing bolts provided. Full fitting instructions are enclosed with the unit but further reading regarding fitting the cabinet is available by clicking here.

The  CDC101S Controlled drugs cabinet like all the other Controlled drugs cabinets in our range is fitted with a Euro profile cylinder lock and  full length door hinge with welded hinge pin. The door also has a anti-jimmy return on the hinge side which will, in the event of the hinge being forced prevent the removal of the door. The CDC101S Controlled drugs cabinet is like our other controlled drugs cabinets, manufactured using a fully welded construction as required by the misuse of drugs( safe custody) regulations 1995.

You can watch a video of the CDC101S Controlled Drugs cabinet on  YouTube  which will give you a 360 deg view of the cabinet.

This CDC101S Controlled drugs cabinet like all of our CD cabinets is in stock for next day despatch.

Controlled drugs cabinet stock levels in one of our two storage areas here at Pharmacy Medical

Controlled drugs cabinet stock levels in one of our two storage areas here at Pharmacy Medical

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