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Hospital Bedside Cabinets from Pharmacy Medical

Metal Hospital Bedside Cabinet from Pharmacy Medical

Pharmacy Medicals new hospital bedside cabinet has been designed to be a hygienic, low cost, customisable solution to new CQC guidelines for storing medicines in hospitals.

The metallic construction, and hygienic powder coated finish makes the hospital bedside cabinet infection control friendly and hard wearing.

NEW Hospital Bedside Cabinet

Our hospital bedside cabinet has been designed from the ground up in conjunction with a leading NHS trust to meet new CQC guidelines on the storage of medicines.

The hospital bedside cabinet incorporates three storage locations providing safe and locked storage for medicines, patients own personal belongings and a general storage cupboard.

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Hospital Bedside Cabiet

Pharmacy Medicals Hospital Bedside Cabinet

Constructed from mild steel and powder coated to provide a hard wearing anti bacterial finish, our bedside cabinet can easily stand up to the day to day requirements of ward life. By using metal rather than wood, plastic or laminate, we have been able to offer a product that solves several problems.

The metal construction of the cabinet allows us to easily customise the shape and design of the cabinet without increasing cost. Where as a plastic alternative may not be able to do this due to the high set up costs of the moulds required to make it.

The metal construction also provides a significantly more hygienic alternative, especially when compared to laminate. When laminate ages it may start to peel away from the board that forms its substance, this is highly likely if the cabinet is to be steam cleaned. This then provides a breading ground for bacteria. With steel the worse that can happen is the paint chips off. If this happens, there is still steel below, and we can easily re finish the part, removing the issue. The paint that we use to finish the cabinets with can also be specified with an anti bacterial coating.

Various colours of our Hospital Bedside Cabinets

Various colours of our Hospital Bedside Cabinets

Our hospital bedside cabinet can also be specified with various locking options. Available with either a standard key lock, or electronic RFID locks, this cabinet can be easily incorporated into your hospitals systems. Our electronic locks key can even be incorporated into a patients identity bracelet making opening a cupboard very easy, and reducing the cost or lost keys.

The forward facing cupboard incorporates a drop down door, ideal for dispensing from and provides secure useful space for the storage of medicines. The side cupboard is accessible from the bedside and provides secure storage for patients personal effects. This helps to reduce the significant cost of reimbursing patients for lost items. The lower front cupboard is not locked and provides storage for other items. The flat, usable top has no protrusions and makes the top a usable surface. It also incorporates a rear lip to prevent items falling off the back.

Showing our Hospital Bedside Cabinet with the medicine cupboard open and in use.

Showing our Hospital Bedside Cabinet with the medicine cupboard open and in use.