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Pharmacy dispensing trolley

Information on our Pharmacy Dispensing Trolley

Pharmacy dispensing trolley manufactured for Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS foundation Trust.

NEW Pharmacy Dispensing Trolley

See the standard version of this trolley here.

Recently we were  asked to design and manufacture a secure Pharmacy dispensing trolley for  Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS foundation Trust. The Pharmacy dispensing trolley is to be used in their Decanting store in the Royal Victoria Infirmary. One trolley of this type was initially manufactured here at Pharmacy medical. The Trolley was to be used in a  six week trial in the hospital. The Pharmacy dispensing trolley trail was to establish the feasibility of weekly dispensing of drugs to a ward. This as opposed to daily dispensing and  in order to facilitate this weekly dispensing there was a requirement for a Secure Pharmacy dispensing trolley. This was to ensure the drugs were securely stored whilst they were on the ward when not being dispensed. The usual plastic tray and trolley system used for daily dispensing was not considered appropriate for this new system. Here at Pharmacy Medical we manufactured the trolley using similar production methods to those used in the manufacture of our popular Controlled drugs cabinets.

Pharmacy dispensing trolley being bent

Bending a Pharmacy dispensing trolley

Bending a Pharmacy dispensing trolley body

Pharmacy dispensing trolley drawer parts

Following a design brief meeting with the Hospital we provided a working drawing for the proposed units. This was approved by the Hospital and an order  placed  with us. Production then commenced with the Laser cutting of the profiles prior to the  bending of the trolley body.

The tubular framework which supports the pressed body and to which the castors are attached was also fabricated.

Pharmacy Dispensing trolley drawers

Pharmacy Dispensing trolley drawers before powder coating

When all the component parts were manufactured they were assembled and taken over to our powder coating plant to have their paint finish applied.

Following the powder coating process the Pharmacy dispensing trolley parts are assembled, packed and were delivered to the client.


Results of the trial of the first Pharmacy dispensing trolley were positive and we are now in the process of manufacturing six more of the Trolleys with some minor modifications. These will
be with the client in two weeks.


Pharmacy dispensing trolley


We hope this Blog has given you some useful information. If you would like to discuss any aspects of  the Pharmacy dispensing trolley would be happy to help.

Please email or telephone us on 01623 559966.