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Medium Monitored Dosage Trolleys – NEW Product

NEW Medium Monitored Dosage Trolleys

As part of their continuous product development programme, Pharmacy Medical have launched a new Medium Monitored Dosage Trolley available from only £300.00

Although they already have a lime of MDS trolleys, their new design takes advantage of new design processes and lock systems.

Medium Monitored Dosage Trolleys from Pharmacy Medical

Here at Pharmacy Medical we aim to bring you the best products at the best possible prices. To do this we are continuously bringing you new products and re-designing our existing ones.

Our Medium Monitored Dosage Trolley

Our Medium Monitored Dosage Trolley in standard Spearmint green

The latest product to be re-designed, in conjunction with our Small Monitored Dosage Trolley, is our Medium Monitored Dosage Trolley.

Our original Medium Monitored Dosage Trolley had been available in the past in two designs, the MDS trolley, complete with shelves, or our multimeds trolley, complete with racking.

This trolley design has served us well over the years, however on the back of new machinery that we have recently had installed here at Pharmacy Medical HQ, we have been able to re design.

The new Medium Monitored Dosage Trolley has been designed to be lighter, easier to use and operate, whilst being as sturdy and reliable as our old trolley.

The new Medium Monitored Dosage Trolley features the following:

  • 4 adjustable high front door shelves, ideal for storing bottles as the high front hold them in place during a round.
  • Either 6 MDS rack hoops, or 2 full depth adjustable shelves.
  • 4 braked castors with bumpers
  • Fold out note shelf
  • FREE Delivery to any UK mainland address
  • Wipe clean powder coated finish
  • Euro Profile BS3621:1998 compliant cylinder lock

There are two main variations of the Medium Monitored Dosage Trolley, either with hooks to hold 6 MDS frames, or shelves.

The 6 hoop trolley design is a lower cost solution for when they trolley will be used only for dispensing from a MDS system. The hoops allow 6 MDS frames to be hung on the back of the trolley reducing weight further and making the trolley easier to push.

The addition of shelves of the trolley make for a multi purpose unit. When fitted with shelves, the MDS frame capacity increases to 9, however the trolley can now be used to store other medicines (not controlled drugs) that are not dispensed from an MDS system.

Both of the trolleys can be seen by clicking here for the 6 hoop trolley or here for the MDS trolley with shelves.

Our trolleys are priced to be exceptionally competitive within the market place, however we can offer further discounts based on quantities, these are listed below:

Trolley:     6 Hoop    MDS Shelf trolley


1               £330.00      £380.00

2-4           £320.00       £360.00

5+            £300.00       £335.00

Whilst we are developing this new trolley, our existing medium monitored dosage trolley is now available for only £335.00, whilst stocks last.

Medium Monitored Dosage Trolley in optional yellow

Medium Monitored Dosage Trolley in optional yellow

Medium Monitored Dosage Trolley in optional red

Medium Monitored Dosage Trolley in optional red