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Monitored dosage systems

Monitored Dosage Systems from Pharmacy Medical

Monitored dosage systems (MDS) is the name for a system used in the United Kingdom for specific types of medicine compliance aids, for example blister packs prepackaging.

Information on Monitored Dosage Systems

Monitored dosage systems are designed to simplify the administration of solid oral dose medication to patents. Monitored dosage systems can address the difficulty of accessing medication and following the regimen due to impairment or confusion or forgetfulness.

Monitored dosage systems differ in their method of manufacture and offer differing stability conditions for their contents. The units can be heat-sealed, clipped in place or closed just by a piece of sliding plastic. It is possible that patients may become confused by the layout of the medicine compartments into the times of the day and the days of the week. It has been known for a patient to consume four “morning” doses in one day as they misread the days of the week for the times of day.

Monitored dosage system units can sometimes be hard for the patient to manipulate. Piercing the plastic seal over the medicine compartments can present a challenge for elderly and infirm patients .The Monitored dosage systems can often be rendered unusable by the efforts of the patient in trying to gain access to the medication, or the liquid contents may be spilled.

Some advantages of a Monitored Dosage system are as follows:-

  • The speed at which the Drugs round can be carried out is increased freeing up carer’s time for other care duties.
  • Medicines are put into separate compartments ensuring the patient receives the correct medicine and dosage at the correct time
  • Reminder cards can be included to ensure a carer does not forget medicines which are packed separately in the Monitored Dosage System, for example liquids.
  • All medicines may be packed into separate packs, facilitating the resident or patient to retain their freedom to take the medication themselves.

Pharmacy Medical manufacture a range of monitored dosage cabinets and Monitored dosage trolleys to cater for differing size practices and quantities of medicines to be stored.

They offer monitored dosage cabinets combined with Medicine cabinets offering greater flexibility over the type of medicine stored and the method used to store them (monitored dosage system). The cabinets and trolleys are designed specifically to accommodate the Monitored dosage system offer versatility and the provision to store other medicines also.

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