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Pharmacy Medical is now a Registered Trademark

Pharmacy Medical is now a registered trademark with the Intellectual Property Office.

As we grow as a company is has become necessary to apply for Pharmacy Medical as a registered trademark.

Pharmacy Medical – Registered Trademark

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Registered Trademark Logo

Registered Trademark Logo

As Pharmacy Medical grows as the UK’s leading manufacturer of Controlled Drugs cabinets, and as a business, it has become increasingly important to protect our interests.

To ensure that you buy your Controlled Drugs Cabinets from us, and not someone pretending to be us, we have registered our trademark to ensure that our logo can only be affiliated with us, therefore when you buy from us, you know you are buying from the best.

Registering a trademark isn’t a simple and easy process, and we had to fight to get it passed, however now it is done it has been worth the effort. Pharmacy Medical is now a registered trade mark in class 10 and class 20:

Class 10 is described as “Nurses’ trolleys adapted to contain drugs for dispensing to patients;Special furniture for medical use.”

whilst class 20 is “Bedside cabinets;Bedside lockers;Cabinets (medicine-);Cabinets (Medicine -);Medicine cabinets;Medicine chests;Metal cabinets;Metal cabinets for industrial use;Metal cabinets [furniture];Metal drawers [parts of furniture];Metal furniture;Metal storage cabinets;Security cabinets;Security cabinets [furniture];Security units [furniture] of metal;Trolleys [furniture].”

These two categories cover the majority of the products that we manufacture currently.

The application process has taken around four months and the application process is relatively simple, however deciding which class to categorise your business can be difficult. When applying for a registered trademark, there are two avenues you can go down, either pay a lower fee at the start of the process, or pay a higher fee, but only pay half if your application is refused. We would advise taking the latter if you are unsure about your application, it may be slightly more costly in the long term, however is significantly cheaper should your application be refused.