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CDC1030 Controlled Drugs Cabinet

CDC1030 Controlled Drugs Cabinet

A new addition to our range of controlled drugs cabinets the CDC1030 Controlled Drugs Cabinet is 850mm in Height, 500mm in Width and has a depth of 300mm.

This cabinet comes with three adjustable inner shelves and has a volume (capacity) of approximately 128 litres. It is a medium size cabinet designed for the larger purveyor of Controlled drugs.

Information on our CDC1030 Controlled Drugs Cabinet

The cabinet weighs approximately 39kg and is designed to be wall fixed using the four anchor bolts supplied with the cabinet.

CDC1030 Controlled Drugs Cabinet
CDC1030 Controlled Drugs Cabinet door closed

On the rear of the cabinet are four 11mm diameter holes reinforced with 3mm thick anchor plates through which the anchor bolts pass to secure it to a wall.

It is important that the CDC1030 Controlled Drugs Cabinet is fitted securely to the wall otherwise this will undermine the security of the cabinet. With this in mind we advise a competent person be employed to install the cabinet should you have any doubts as to your own ability in this area.

CDC1030 Controlled Drugs Cabinets are manufactured by ourselves to BS2881:1989 level one & the misuse of Drugs (safe custody) regulations 1975. These two regulations are required to be met in order to legally store Controlled drugs cabinets in the United Kingdom.

Manufactured in the United Kingdom all our Controlled drugs cabinets are constructed using 2mm steel. This is a thicker material than that used by most of our competitors and offers a higher degree of security as a result. The cabinets feature 6 Pin Euro-profile cylinder lock which incorporates an Anti-pick, anti-drill and anti-bump together with fire resistant features. A full length Piano hinge is used on the door with welded pin to prevent forcible hinge pin removal. In the unlikely event that the hinge pin is removed the cabinet door has a full length folded return which prevents the door from being removed even when the hinge is disabled.

This CDC1030 Controlled Drugs Cabinet is a recent addition to our range of advertised drugs cabinets. It is currently not a stock item and is subject to a 8-10 day lead-time. We are assessing the sales volume of this new cabinet size and will consider including it as a stock cabinet subject to its popularity.


We hope this blog has proved to be informative and interesting. Should you require any further information or wish to discuss this cabinet or any other of the Controlled drugs cabinets within our range, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01623 559966. We’d be really happy to help you.