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Key code lock

Push Button Key Code Locks

Key code lock from Pharmacy Medical removes the problem of lost keys in medical environments.

This key code lock can be fitted to any of Pharmacy Medicals cabinets, from Controlled Drugs Cabinets* through to Medicine cabinets and POD Lockers, as well as trolleys.

Key-code lock

Key-code lock in operation

The advantages of Key Code Locks

Key code locks are an electronic locking system that removes the need for keys. Lost keys are a large problem for the healthcare industry as are the volume of keys that need to be carried around on a daily basis.

Whilst there are other electronic locking systems that help alleviate this problem, these systems are expensive to implement on a small scale.

Using a key code lock removes the need for keys, reducing the number of keys carried by a nurse on a daily basis.

Key code locks are especially beneficial on medicine and MDS trolleys. By installing a key code lock on a trolley, there is less of a likelihood that a key will be broken during the rigors of a daily medicine round.


Key code locks are also becoming popular in hospitals on POD lockers. The initial cost of the lock over a standard keyed cam lock is quickly retrieved when the cost of a replacement key is considered.


The Key code lock that Pharmacy Medical use is a very popular one within the healthcare industry. Our Key code lock is constructed from a hygiene control friendly zinc alloy frame, with dual epoxy coated buttons for ease of cleaning. Using two batteries to power them, they have a life of over 15000 operations before the batteries should need changing. And when they do a simple battery booster can be specified to open a cabinet should the batteries fail whilst the cabinet is locked. The locks can also be rated to IP55 when specified.



*would not comply with the misuse of drugs act, please contact us or your controlled drugs accountable office for further information. Cabinet can be sold with this lock, however would no conform to Misuse of drugs act.