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Controlled Drugs Cabinet Stock Level Indicator

Stock level indicator

New Controlled Drugs Cabinet Stock Level Indicator from Pharmacy Medical offers even greater levels of stock level transparency.

Controlled Drugs Cabinet Stock Levels

Here at Pharmacy Medical we already have a strong reputation for keeping our Controlled Drugs Cabinet Stock  levels high. By doing this we are able to offer all of our customers next day despatch and in doing so  steal a march on our competitors most of which are quoting 6 weeks plus!

Controlled Drugs Cabinet Stock  levels and availability is now clearly shown using our new colour coded indicator on our web page. Green is in stock for next day despatch and orange is ten day despatch. Our Controlled Drugs Cabinet Stock  levels are dictated by customer feedback and product popularity. Our most popular Controlled drugs cabinets are held in stock with the less popular on a slightly longer delivery of just 10 working days.

Controlled drugs cabinets stock

Controlled drugs cabinets stock levels are always high at Pharmacy Medical

Manufacturing our Controlled drugs cabinets ourselves allows us to react quickly to changes in our customers buying trends and adjust our Controlled Drugs Cabinet Stock to suit.

We have recently expanded our range of cabinets and now manufacture the largest range of Controlled drugs cabinets in the United Kingdom.

Together with the biggest range and a large  Controlled Drugs Cabinet Stock level we also manufacture bespoke Controlled drugs cabinets manufactured to your specific requirements.

Controlled Drugs Cabinet Stock being manufactured.

Bending a Controlled drugs cabinet

We are the  only bespoke manufacturer of Controlled drugs in the United kingdom that can manufacture a bespoke controlled drugs cabinet to the correct specification in less than three weeks from customer order. If you would like a Controlled drugs cabinet manufactured to your specific requirements please contact us we would be happy to help.

If you would like to discuss our Controlled drugs cabinets or any aspect of their manufacture please do not hesitate to contact us we’d be happy to help.