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Denaturing Kits from Pharmacy Medical

Denaturing Kits for controlled drugs and medicines from Pharmacy Medical

A wide selection of market leading drug denaturing kits from Pharmacy Medical from as little as £1.07 each! Available from 30ml through to 5 Litres, we are confident that there is a size for any application.

Controlled Drug Denaturing Kits.

Pharmacy Medical are proud to now offer their own range of drug denaturing kits. – See them all here

Controlled Drug Denaturing Kits

Controlled Drug Denaturing Kits from Pharmacy Medical

Manufactured in house at Pharmacy Medical, these denaturing kits are kept in stock for quick dispatch.
Our denaturing kit is a valuable addition to any primary care organisation and is available in a wide range of sizes as listed below, however if required we can manufacture to custom sizes. Please contact us for more information about that service.
Our denaturing kit is available from stock and we can offer very competitive savings over our already very competitive pricing for large order quantities. Designed to compliment our range of controlled drug cabinets, these kits are a valuable addition to any healthcare organisation needing to dispose of medication. Our market leading prices mean that they don’t break the bank either.

Our denaturing kits also contain Bitrex. Bitrex is officially the most bitter substance known to man. It is inert and odorless, and makes our denaturing kits taste unpalatable. This is included as an added safety layer designed to discourage from eating the solution when a drug has been denatured – trust us on this its not nice to taste!

All of our denaturing kits are listed below:

We keep all of our denaturing kits in stock and offer very quick turnaround on all of them.

All kits come labelled with usage instructions and should be disposed of after use.

To compliment our denaturing kit range we also offer a range of drug destruction kits, available online by clicking here.

If you would like any further information, or to request a quotation, please click here or call us on 01623 559966