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Bespoke controlled drugs cabinets

Bespoke Controlled Drugs Cabinets from Pharmacy Medical

We were tasked to manufacture two bespoke controlled drugs cabinets for the West Midlands Ambulance service. Their brief was  to provide two bespoke controlled drugs cabinets which would allow them to safely and securely transport Controlled drugs in their delivery vehicles to and from ambulance bases and sites in and around the west Midlands.

Bespoke Controlled Drugs Cabinets for the Ambulance Services

The two bespoke controlled drugs cabinets had to be able to be securely fixed to the inside chassis of the vehicle but not to damage or modify the bodywork in any way to avoid de-valuing  the vehicle when it had reached the end if it’s lease.

The trust gave us specific sizes and the criteria they required which were easily accommodated within our design and still met the requirements of the Misuse of drugs (safe custody) regulation 1975.  Within a few days a drawing was prepared of the bespoke controlled drugs cabinets which was then submitted to the Ambulance service for their approval. The design proved to be acceptable to them and the cabinets were immediately put into production.

bespoke controlled drugs cabinets being bent using a press brake

Forming a bespoke Controlled drugs cabinet

The working drawings were used to prepare laser cutting instructions and the relevant parts laser cut. We used a press brake to form the flat pieces of steel into the shape required for the body, sides and doors etc. These parts are then assembled and tack welded together before being checked prior to being fully welded together.

bespoke controlled drugs cabinets being formed

Forming a Controlled drugs cabinet

Bespoke controlled drugs cabinets are made in exactly the same way as the  Controlled drugs cabinets we have in our stock range all of which can be purchased from our on-line shop.

After the cabinets have been welded together they are cleaned and taken to our powder coating shop to have a coat of polyester powder coat applied which give the whole unit a robust and durable wipe clean finish prior to final assembly and dispatch to customer.


bespoke cabinet open

Bespoke controlled drugs cabinets for the west midlands ambulance services

bespoke controlled drugs cabinet closed

WMAS bespoke controlled drugs cabinet