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CDC1020 Controlled Drugs Cabinet

Our New CDC1020 Controlled Drugs Cabinet

This CDC1020 Controlled Drugs Cabinet is a recent addition to our range of Controlled drugs cabinets. We assessed the popularity of this size of cabinet and subject to sales volume on include it in our stock range in the future. It has proved to be very popular and therefore it is now in stock!

CDC1020 Controlled Drugs Cabinet

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CDC-1020 Controlled Drugs Cabinet with door closed

CDC-1020 Controlled Drugs Cabinet

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The CDC1020 Controlled Drugs Cabinet is 550mm High, 500mm Wide and 300mm in depth and it incorporates the following features.  Two adjustable internal shelves, this particular unit does not have door shelves. It has an approximate net Weight of 22Kg and an approximate volume of 83 litres.

The CDC1020 Controlled Drugs Cabinet is manufactured to be fitted to a wall and has 4no 11mm diameter holes with reinforced 3mm thick anchor plates in the rear of the body. Supplied with the unit are 4no M10 Anchor bolts 75mm long which are designed specifically for fixing the CDC1020 Controlled Drugs Cabinet to a brick or block work wall.

It is very important that the unit is fitted to the wall correctly and securely as this is an important part of the integrity of this secure cabinet. An incorrectly fitted cabinet will undermine its security.

The CDC1020 Controlled Drugs Cabinet is manufactured to and complies fully with BS2881:1989 level one & the misuse of Drugs (safe custody) regulations 1975.

This Controlled drugs cabinet like all the other Controlled drugs cabinets in our range are suitable for the storage of Controlled drugs in the United Kingdom.

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