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Controlled drugs cabinets complimented by new CoSHH cabinets.

CoSHH Cabinets complimenting our Controlled Drugs Cabinets

We have recently introduced a range of CoSHH cabinets to supplement our range of medical and controlled drugs cabinets. Manufactured in a similar style to our Medicine cabinets these CoSHH cabinets although built to store different hazardous substances fit well within the range of medical cabinets we currently manufacture.

CoSHH Cabinets

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CoSHH cabinets are a legal requirement for the storage of dangerous and hazardous substances within the workplace and are usually a requirement of the Health and safety executive. Although not policed in the same way as controlled drugs cabinets they are still a very necessary part of the workplace environment and have a very important role to play.

Hazardous Substance CoSHH Cabinets

Hazardous Substance CoSHH Cabinets

A CoSHH cabinet serves to contain all hazardous substances within one place and to identify that the products and substances contained within are hazardous and can be dangerous. CoSHH cabinets serve to restrict access to these substances and  protect employees from possible harm. They also contain any spillages and serve to shield the contents from fire or external hazards giving additional time for employees to escape in the event of an incident or emergency.

Our range of CoSHH cabinets and hazardous storage cabinets are all manufactured using the same method of construction and all feature adjustable shelving and a fully welded sump. The sump is designed to contain any leakage of contents due to damage to containers stored within the cabinet.

The different types of cabinets in the range are identified by colour as well as the relevant hazard identification sticker. Red cabinets are for Pesticide storage, dangerous and flammable substances are stored in a yellow cabinet, a general CoSHH cabinet is grey and white cabinets are for storing Acids and Alkali.

CoSHH guidelines state that products covered by the control of substances hazardous to health  should be securely stored in suitable containers and should be clearly and visibly labeled with the type of hazard they present.

Our CoSHH cabinets just like our controlled drugs cabinets are all held in stock for next day dispatch.

Please do not hesitate to contact us on 01623 559966 should you require any additional information.