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East Midlands Ambulance Lifepak Reel Prototype

Metal Cable Reel Prototype for East Midlands Ambulance Service Lifepak System

East Midlands Ambulance service are a regular and valued customer who were suffering from expensive cable damage on their Lifepak machines during use. They tasked us to develop a cost effective and easy to use solution to this problem.

EMAS Lifepak Cable Reel Prototype

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East Midlands Ambulance service are a regular and valued customer to whom we supply both stock and bespoke Controlled drugs cabinets. They approached us earlier in the year as they had an ongoing problem with their LIFEPAK monitor units. LIFEPAK is a patient monitoring unit used by the East Midlands Ambulance service crews on their ambulances to monitor among other things, patient’s vital signs. These vital signs are obtained from the patient using a 2m long lead which is attached at one end to the monitor and the other to the patient’s body. The problem the service crews were having was that with regular use the cable was sustaining damage with the constant need to pull out and put back 2m of cable when sometimes only a short length was required to reach the patient. The Ambulance service and ourselves discussed the problem, our brief was simple, a quick and low cost solution to prevent the lead from sustaining damage whilst in day to day use by the crew.

Lifepak Prototype Manufacture

EMAS Lifepak Cable Reel

We quickly came up with a solution and commenced work on a simple prototype.

We manufactured from sheet metal a simple profile which when formed and welded together we then powder coated and submitted to East Midlands Ambulance service as a prototype. This prototype was trialed by a crew for several days and found to be a good basis upon which to pursue further development of the unit.

The comments put forward by the Ambulance crews were noted and these were included in the second prototype which was again trialed by a crew.

Several days later this prototype was accepted East Midlands Ambulance service and an initial order placed by them for one hundred units.