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Laser Cut Controlled Drugs Cabinets

Laser cut controlled drugs cabinets assisting with cabinet production

The decision to install your own laser cutting machine as opposed to using a subcontract laser cutter is a difficult one to make.

Laser Cut Controlled Drugs Cabinets from Pharmacy Medical

We laser cut controlled drugs cabinets and have done so for many years. Our increased production of Controlled drugs cabinets and therefore Laser cut controlled drugs cabinets blanks focused the need for our own laser cutter. However, this decision is not as clear cut as it would seem. We have used Laser cut controlled drugs cabinets blanks for many years but we were concerned that the quantity would not keep a laser cutting machine busy all the time. We appreciate we could try to attract outside laser cutting work from else ware. However, we did not particularly want to do this as it would affect our own Controlled drugs cabinet production. Also, due to the large number of subcontract laser cutting companies the prices are very competitive and lead-times very short.

We decided then our laser cutter would only be used for our own Laser cut controlled drugs cabinets blanks and associated products. With this in mind, a major deciding factor was whether the laser cutter could be switched off when not in use. It seems that laser cutting machines are unsympathetic to being turned on and off frequently. Our Laser cut controlled drugs cabinets blanks are currently not sufficient to necessitate the machine running all the time. We therefore must plan our Controlled drugs cabinet production around a cycle time for the machine. Production of Laser cut controlled drugs cabinets blanks must me done in blocks of time to ensure the laser cutter can be left switched on for several days. The machine can then stand idle for the remaining time when not in use. It seems the longer a laser cutting machine stands idle and switched off the longer it requires to switch on again.

Taking all the above into account we decided to purchase our own laser cutting machine. This we did from Amada.

Laser Cut Controlled Drugs Cabinets

Laser Cut Controlled Drugs Cabinets

The new laser cutting machine will be sited in our paint shop where we have space to accommodate it. Power supply however in that area was found to be an issue as the laser cutting machine required a supply of 100amps. The existing power supply to the paint shop was insufficient.  We have therefor to run a new 100-amp supply cable from our main factory building to the site of the machine. This unfortunately requires trenching out and the burying of armored cable across our yard to the paint shop. This together with the electrical connection for the new power supply was an unforeseen and unwelcome cost.

Amada, the manufactures of the laser cutter sent two of their engineers for a site visit to check we have all the required services in place prior to installation.

Amada also provide training for our operators which consists of two places for four days at their center in the west midlands. Training will involve the use of their nesting and programming system to enable us to input the information to the laser cutter. We are fortunate that our Laser cut controlled drugs cabinets blanks and other products are always the same. This means that we can input all our products once and then pull them off at will.

Laser cut controlled drugs cabinets blanks using our own laser cutting machine should significantly improve our production efficiency. We liken this to the introduction of our powder coating plant some 10 years ago, when at that time our powder coating spend was almost 100k per annum. Currently our annual spend on Laser cut controlled drugs cabinets blanks is approaching that figure.

The introduction of our own in house Laser cutter should significantly reduce our subcontract costs. Although our service costs will rise due to increased electric and gas usage we hope overall to benefit from the process.

The new laser cutter is due to me installed early May 2017 so time will tell whether this is a wise decision.