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Our Order Process

Here at pharmacy medical, we take the efficiency of our orders very seriously.

We have a variety of ways in which an order for a controlled drug cabinet can be placed within our company, whether this be over the phone, through Amazon or directly via this website. Once an order is placed with us, it is processed by members of our staff and can then be added to the order list, for the attention of those on the factory floor. Read on to see our order process.

Our order process- from beginning to end.

Once the order has been sent down for production, members of staff will check to see if the product ordered is one which is kept in stock with us. If so, the product can immediately be packed and sent out for dispatch, meaning that the order can be quickly sent out to the customer, thereby maximising efficiency.

However, as a company, we also take bespoke orders which must be made as and when the order is received. While this will take longer, we aim to provide the cabinet to the customer within a reasonable time scale and our goal is to achieve customer satisfaction not only with the cabinet ordered but also with the time taken for them to receive the product.

The production of our controlled drug cabinets is one which has been well practised and been made very efficient throughout our many years as a company. We have various departments who handle different parts of the cabinet making process, from initial construction, to assembly and packing. To make production even more efficient and time effective, we have recently invested in a laser cutting machine. We also have a separate area of production which deals with the powder coating of the product to achieve the perfect appearance. The cabinet is then checked to make sure it adheres to our exacting standards before it can be packaged up for dispatch.

When the cabinet is fully completed, it is wrapped and made ready to be sent out with one of our trusted delivery companies. We aim to make sure that all our products are properly wrapped so that the item is safe within transit and arrives to the customer in perfect condition.

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