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New CDC002 Controlled Drugs Cabinet Sizes

Here at pharmacy medical, we take the efficiency and usability of our products seriously.

The New CDC002 Controlled Drugs Cabinet is the first of our drugs cabinets to be given a make over since the installation of our new laser cutting machine.  As the best selling cabinet we offer, it was only right to improve this one first. Featuring new a new orientation, and removable internal shelf, the CDC002 is now more commodious than ever. And at market leading prices, combined with next day delivery*, its better than ever.

New CDC002 Controlled Drugs Cabinet.

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As part of our continuing product development programme, we are working to make our cabinets better than ever. As one of the biggest manufacturers and suppliers of Controlled Drugs Cabinets in the UK it is important we make our cabinets the best they can be. Our recent post regarding the installation of our new laser cutting machine explains how we are modernising our range.

The CDC002 controlled drugs cabinet is by far our best selling cabinet. Popular with care homes, surgeries and hospitals alike, it has been modified in shape and size, to make the product you can purchase from us today.

The old cabinet featured a fixed internal shelf and measured 300mm (H) x 335mm (W) x 270mm (D). Whilst this made the cabinet the perfect size for care homes etc., the fixed shelf could hinder storage. The resulting modifications to the new CDC002 controlled drugs cabinet have made this shelf removable.

The new CDC002 drugs cabinet now features a removable internal shelf and measures 335mm (H) x 300mm (W) x 270mm (D). In swapping the width and depth around, we have also made this drugs cabinet compatible with our range of medicine cabinets. As a result, you can now purchase a medicine cabinet with a CDC002 drugs cabinet inside. You can see our range of these cabinets by following this link. By making the shelf removable, we have made this cabinet able to store larger items than ever before allowing you to fully utilise its approximate 27 litre storage volume.

You can see our range of controlled drugs cabinets by clicking here.


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