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When Do I need a Controlled drugs cabinet?

Be Sure that you need a Controlled Drugs Cabinet.

Do you need a controlled drugs cabinet? Or are you unsure whether you just need a medicine cabinet instead? Read on for guidance and assistance. Or alternatively, give us a call to discuss further.

When do I Need a Controlled Drugs Cabinet?

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This will depend largely on the type of drugs and medicines you have or are dispensing and whether it is for you or for others. The misuse of drugs (safe custody) regulations are not solely about the storage of controlled drugs, it covers all aspects of their control. We however, in this blog will only deal with the storage of a controlled drug.

The Misuse of drugs regulation specifies the different schedules of drugs of which there are five schedules in total.

Schedule 1-3 drugs require full controlled drugs storage in a controlled drugs cabinet which is manufactured to British standard 2881:1989 and to the Misuse of drugs (safe custody) regulation 1975. The cabinet type must also be suitable for the environment in which the drugs are to be stored. This will be either a level 1, level 2 or level 3 cabinet. These different levels of cabinet security will be covered in a subsequent blog.

Schedule 4-5 drugs are only required to be stored in a Medicine cabinet manufactured to British standard 2881:1989 which is the requirement for the storage of medicines in healthcare premises.

So, if you are using or dispensing schedule 1-3 drugs or medicines you will require a Controlled drugs cabinet in which to keep them. If you are unsure of the schedule for the type of  drug or medicine you have the requirement for, a list of the most common and their schedules can be found here. The schedule 1-5 signifies the abuse potential and possible dependence level of the drug. For example, a schedule 1 drug would have a high abuse potential with perhaps little or no accepted medical use. This would progressively decrease in risk through the schedule to a schedule 5 drugs which may be deemed to have very low abuse and or dependence potential.

Your organisation may already have appointed an accountable officer. If so they will be responsible for all aspects of the storage of controlled drugs and should be consulted regarding all matters relating to Controlled drug storage. If you do not yet have an accountable officer appointed you may have to appoint one. You can obtain information regarding this from the Care Quality Commission who can be contacted here.

We hope this blog though not exhaustive, has been of help.

Don’t forget the CQC above are best  placed to inform you regarding other aspects of the Misuse of drugs (safe custody) regulations and how it may apply to you.


Do i Need a Controlled Drugs Cabinet?

Do i Need a Controlled Drugs Cabinet?