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Tablet Bottles for Pharmacy Dispensing

Plastic and glass tablet bottles in a wide range of sizes

We are pleased to offer a comprehensive selection of both glass and round tablet bottles. Ideal for all pharmacy dispensing activities, and more besides.

Table bottle options:

Our bottles are available as:

  • Glass Round Bottles – pre-capped
  • Plastic Round Bottles- pre-capped
  • Plastic Rectangular Bottles – supplied with caps

We stock a wide range of sizes, all with wide necks for easy filling. Smooth exterior surfaces make for easy label application.

Our round bottles are approved to the relevant British Standards.

Our bottles are some of the most popular bottles on the market for pharmacy and pharmacy medicine dispensing. Available in a comprehensive range of volumes, and in two materials and shapes, we are sure there will be a bottle to meet your needs. All bottles are sold with the correct number of corresponding caps. Please see individual listings to see what type of cap comes with each bottle.