Blackpool Ambulance Station Drugs Room

Drugs Cabinets and Tower Units for Blackpool Ambulance Station

As part of North West Ambulances new Blackpool ambulance station, we were tasked with the manufacture and delivery of new controlled drugs cabinets and tower units. To be installed into their medicines room, these cabinets were to be fitted with the Cliq locking cylinder that the trust is adopting.

As part of this integration of the Cliq locking system into North West Ambulances operation, Pharmacy Medical are also manufacturing a large number of controlled drugs cabinets to be fitted with the Cliq cylinder.

Shown here, the 5 tower units were each fitted with two Cliq cylinders allowing for controlled and monitored access into each of the cabinets.

Cliq Lock and Bluetooth key fitted to our DTC03
Abloy Cliq Lock Cylinder fitted to a Pharmacy Medical Cabinet
Abloy Cliq Lock Cylinder with Bluetooth key fitted to a Pharmacy Medical Cabinet

Cliq Electronic Lock

With CLIQ, each staff member is assigned their own key granting them access for their shift; ultimately saving the time wasted looking for other key-holders or looking for the right key for the lock. Abloy CLIQ also removes the security issue that arises when a key is misplaced- as the electromechanical system enables a lost key to be simply deleted from the system. Significantly, this saves the time and money wasted from having to change the locks on every occasion that an important key is misplaced or stolen.

You can read more about Cliq by following this link.