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Resuscitation Trolleys and Carts

Metal Resuscitation Trolleys for emergency resuscitation in medical environments.

These resuscitation trolleys are manufactures by Pharmacy Medical and offer a high quality and secure resuscitation trolleys design. Designed to function in all medical environments, these trolleys feature a mild steel construction making them hygiene control friendly and secure.

Resuscitation Trolley Design

These resuscitation trolleys are a very popular design securing all drawer contents when the trolley is closed. This system is compatible with our security seal system making it evident if the trolley has been opened or tampered with. The trolley top features a recessed and sealed stainless steel work surface with a lift up not flap housed on the side of the trolley. The trolleys feature a two hook IV pole and low level bumper system complete with push handles fitted to one end. The trolleys feature four anti-static, easy push, heavy duty castors.

Resuscitation Trolley Customisation

Pharmacy Medicals resuscitation trolleys can be customised to meet your requirements. Whether you need a different design, or a different colour, we can manufacture it for you.

If you do require our customisation service, or would like to request a quotation, please do not hesitate to get in touch on 01623 559966