Secure Gas Storage Cabinets

We are pleased to supply East Midlands Ambulance Service NHS Trust with Controlled drugs and Medicine cabinets. These are both from our extensive stock range and as bespoke medical cabinets to suit their specific requirements.

The service approached us in 2016 requesting a cost to manufacture stainless steel secure gas storage cabinets for their Ambulance stations. These were to securely store compressed medical gas used on their fleet of Ambulances. The cabinets were to act as secure gas storage cabinets from which Ambulance crews could replenish and replace the medical gasses used on their vehicles. The secure gas storage cabinets would be sited at Ambulance stations throughout Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire and parts of Northamptonshire, areas covered by the trust. The Ambulance stations furnished with these secure gas storage cabinets are sometimes smaller satellite Ambulance stations from where Ambulance crews can respond to incidents quickly. The response time targets required of the Ambulance service have necessitated the use of smaller sites situated at specific points around their operational area. These sites also allow Ambulance crews to rest, refresh themselves and replenish their Ambulances with supplies.

Our brief was a cost to manufacture stainless-steel sheet metal cabinets which were 1460mm high, 1105mm, 650mm deep. They were to have 2 doors with a 3-point rod lock and hasp and staple to enable them to be locked when not in use. Fifty percent of the width were to have pigeon hole type compartments allowing the horizontal storage of smaller gas cylinders for easy access by Ambulance crews.

The pricing exercise was a very simple and straight forward one which was returned to the client within the same day.

Case studies - gas storage cabinet

We were fortunate that our quotation was accepted and an order for an initial three secure gas storage cabinets was placed with us by the Ambulance service.

Subsequently two colleagues visited the customer and finalised the detailed specification ensuring their requirements were met fully. Working drawings were then prepared on that basis for customer approval.

Once approved the drawings were used to produce the laser cut developed shape of the cabinets parts. This was followed by the flat parts being bent using a Press Brake to achieve the required forms. Tack welding together followed and then fully welding once the necessary checks had been make.

Cleaning up of the welds and removal of the weld discoloration was carried out followed by assembly and fitting of the doors. The units were then packed and delivered to the customer’s individual sites by our own transport.

This case study is very typical of many Bespoke metal cabinets we manufacture.

If you require bespoke secure gas storage cabinets or a bespoke controlled drugs cabinet please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be very happy to help.