Key Code Operated Secure Medical Records Trolleys

Case Note Trolleys Manufactured for Northampton General Hospital NHS Trust

Following a CQC inspection we were asked by Northampton General Hospital NHS trust to design and manufacture a Secure Medical records trolley for use in all their wards. The CQC identified shortcomings with their storage of patient’s medical records on the wards. They considered the method of storage used by the trust to be unacceptable and required urgent improvements to be made. The CQC considered the current method used by the Hospital to be insecure. Patients Medical records as currently stored could be accessed by unauthorised persons which was unacceptable.

To this end the Hospital swiftly put into action measures to improve the storage of patient’s medical records. This consisted of a tender to interested and able parties who could offer and cost a Secure Medical records trolley. The system used by Northampton General Hospital in this case was “ProContract”. This is an E tendering system used to submit tender enquiries.

Prototyping and Samples

We here at Pharmacy Medical we quickly put into action a design team. In less than a week we had a working design, drawn and ready for submission to the client. This design for the Secure Medical records trolley was costed and this also submitted.

Key Code Locks

A requirement of the design was that the Secure Medical records trolley be fitted with a digital lock. This would enable access to be restricted but still be simple to open. The lock we considered most suitable was one made by our preferred lock supplier, Assa Aboly. The unit was the Assa Aboly 1.0 key-code lock in a black finish. This lock had a conventional camlock hole configuration requirement. It also was very straight forward to incorporate the lock action into our locking mechanism design.

Case studies - secure medical records trolley

Approval and production

Our design for the Secure Medical records trolley was the one preferred by the client and a sample unit was requested. We prepared working drawings for the prototype design together with the necessary laser cutting program. The parts for the prototype Secure Medical records trolley were laser cut and formed ready for welding. Following fabrication, the completed trolley was powder coated. When the powder coating was completed the Secure Medical records trolley was fitted with its castors and doors.

The completed Secure Medical records trolley was then delivered to the client for ward trials.

At the end of the four weeks trial period the hospital ordered over one hundred of the Secure Medical records trolleys. The order was exactly as the prototype with no alterations considered necessary.

The success of this design has prompted other purchases from other hospitals of these Secure Medical records trolleys.

This project has now rolled out across the wards of Northampton General Hospital.As well as many other locations besides. Many of our competitors have seen our finished product and are overwhelmed that we can making something of superior quality for the price we charged.

Going Forward

We are now the preferred supplier for trolleys for Northampton General Hospital, and all their subsidiaries. Our combination of cost, quality and serviced have made an impact on them which we hope will last. Our continual growth speaks volumes for the services and products we are now supplying to an ever growing number of NHS hospitals and Trusts.

If you would like to discuss our secure medical records trolleys, or anything else besides. Stock or bespoke, please get in touch.