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Monitored Dosage System MDS Drugs Trolleys Buying

What to Look for When Buying Monitored Dosage System MDS Drugs Trolleys

MDS drugs trolleys are one of the most used items in a care home. Often free issued by the pharmacy, they are a daily use item that will take a lot of use and abuse in their lifetime. MDS drugs trolleys must strike a compromise between price and quality to please both parties. They must be affordable for the pharmacy but be tough enough to be reliable and survive the numerous dispensing rounds over their lifetime. Pharmacy Medical believe they have the trolley design to please both parties. Our pricing is some of the best on the market. Our web special pricing should be the best you will find. However, if you are a regular buyer, or would like more than one, we can offer even better savings over list than ever before. Our manufacturing methods and design have allowed us to keep the costs low where it matters. We have managed this however, without compromising on quality. Our intelligent design and features ensures  these trolleys will survive the rigours of a dispensing round for many years to come.  Low up-front costs and a durable design results in both parties being happy.

Key Areas of an MDS Drugs Trolley

We touched briefly on this on our Drugs trolley category page, however here’s a more detailed explanation of what to look out for.

When buying MDS drugs trolleys, there are three main areas to consider. These are as follows:

  • Locks
  • Hinge
  • Castors
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MDS drugs trolleys locks, castors and hinge

If these three areas have been considered within the design of the trolley, it should be a reliable unit. When buying an MDS drugs trolley from Pharmacy Medical, you can be sure that all the above features, and many more, have been thoroughly considered and designed to ensure strength and longevity.

Buying an MDS Drugs trolley from Pharmacy Medical

When buying your drugs trolley from Pharmacy Medical, you can be sure that we have considered the common problems seen on many other drugs trolleys:

  • Locks – Pharmacy Medical use one of the best-known names in the locking industry as their supplier, Yale. All trolleys use a 6-pin half euro profile cylinder connected to a mortice bolt as their standard locking system. However, if required electronics locks can be optioned too. Using this more common type of lock, effectively the same as a front door, has several benefits. Firstly, they are more intuitive to use than some locks on the market. The ease of locating the key slot saves time and is much less frustrating. Furthermore, they come with three keys as standard ensuring there should be plenty of spares. As these locks are produced in large numbers, from a well-known manufacturer, they are also much more reliable. In addition, should you require new or replacement keys, you can simply go to a hardware store and have a new one cut.Pharmacy Medical have also considered the protection of the key in the design of our drugs trolleys. The extended front of the base provides a barrier and first impact area, protecting the keys from damage. Additionally, we recommend not hanging a large bunch of keys from the lock as this can be detrimental to the lock action. Ensuring the front lip of the trolley does not damage the building itself, the trolley has bumpers fitted to all four corners.
  • Hinge – The hinge used to hold the doors to the trolley is one of the most vital components. Drugs trolley doors often hold large weights as they are often used to store liquids etc. Although we advise against this as it can impact stability when in use. To ensure our trolleys can withstand repeated use, and large weights, we use piano hinge. This full-length hinge is the same as seen on our controlled drugs cabinets and is very strong. It is welded to the door itself and the riveted to the body, the doors will withstand years of use and abuse reliably and repeatedly.
  • Castors -The castors are one of the more common issues found with MDS drugs trolleys. These castors must take the weight of the trolley, daily use and impact as they are moved around the home. Therefore, it is imperative that they are of good quality and secured correctly. We  here at Pharmacy Medical have developed a design and assembly method which provides a secure fixing method to a reinforced anchor point. The castor is bolted to the trolley using a reinforced bush, bolt and nyloc nut to ensure it will not shake loose when in use. Furthermore, the castor is bolted to a thicker and reinforced base. This ensures that the trolley should not collapse, or the castor bend when in normal use.
MDS Drugs trolley door hinge
mds drugs trolley castors
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