Euro Profile Cylinder | 6-Pin


Yale KMS3010 Cylinder

Half Euro Profile 6-Pin Cylinder

  • 30:10 split 45mm Nickel Plated Cylinder
  • 6-Pin
  • Keyed to differ
  • Anti-Bump, Anti-Pick and Anti-Drill protection
  • 3 Keys supplied
Category: SKU: KMS3010-NP


Yale Supplied KMS3010-NP Cylinder

Keyed to differ replacement euro profile cylinder

This Yale supplied cylinder is suitable for all Pharmacy Medical versions of the below, and more besides:

  • Controlled Drugs Cabinets
  • Medicine Cabinets
  • MDS Drugs trolleys


  • Replacement 6 pin Euro Profile Cylinder
  • BSI Kitemark Approved – KM532920
  • TS007 1 Star Cylinder
  • Secured by Design approved
  • High security level

TS007 is a standard developed in response to concerns over cylinder attacks. The standard is characterised by a 3 star rating system, and can be achieved by combining a 1 star cylinder wth a 2 star security door furniture solution.

Yale recommend using this 1 star cylinder in conjunction with a Platinum Series 2 star handle to achieve 3 star security for the best level of protection against cylinder manipulation attack.

  • Anti-Bump, Anti-Pick and Anti-Drill protection
  • 3 Keys supplied
Maintenance and care of your Yale cylinder

Yale recommend regular lubrication of your Yale cylinder locks to ensure continuous trouble free performance and operation.

For this we recommend using a PTFE based lubricant. A small amount of lubricant should be applied to the key and then inserted into the cylinder. Rotate the key a couple of times in line with the normal locking function. Remove the key from the cylinder and wipe away any remaining lubricant to ensure it isn’t transferred onto other objects.