Sleeve Anchors | Pack of 4


Pack of 4 Sleeve Anchors

Wall / Floor Fixings for CD and Medicine Cabinets

  • Pack of 4 Sleeve Anchors
  • Zinc plated and yellow passivated
  • 10mm diameter
  • Thread diameter: M8
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Sleeve Anchor Fixing Bolts

Pack of 4 Sleeve Anchor fixing bolts

Zinc plated yellow passivated sleeve anchors. These sleeve anchors are suitable for use with Pharmacy Medicals controlled drugs cabinets and medicine cabinets.

Please note that you will receive the required number of fixings as standard with a controlled drugs cabinet purchased through ourselves.

  • Drill diameter: 10mm
  • Thread diameter: M8
  • Max fixture thickness: 30mm
  • Anchor length: 70mm
  • Embediment depth: 40mm
  • Minimum hole depth: 45mm
  • Tightening torque: 20Nm