Pharmacy Fridges UK

Pharmacy Fridges for Storing Temperature Sensitive Medication

Here at Pharmacy Medical we are proud to offer our catalogue of pharmacy fridges from two of the UK’s best known manufacturers. Supporting our range of controlled drugs and medicine cabinets, these pharmacy fridges are designed to store temperature sensitive medication as advised by Public Health England in Protocol for Ordering, Storing and Handling Vaccines.

Our range of drugs fridges doesn’t just include pharmacy fridges, we also offer high capacity refrigerators, ward fridges, and portable cool packs.

You can see our complete catalogue of pharmacy fridges by clicking on the link below:

Labcold Pharmacy Fridges

Intellicold® Pharmacy Fridges from Labcold

Labcold have been around since 1932 and offer a comprehensive catalogue of refrigeration units.

Their range of drugs fridges have recently been refreshed with the new ‘A’ models. Labcolds range of pharmacy fridges feature their IntelliCold® controller. This controller has been designed to automatically record the internal temperature, along with other fridge functions. This results in a fridge designed to meet the needs and requirements of today’s medical professionals.

All  Intellicold® Pharmacy Fridges come complete with a comprehensive 5 year warranty as standard (UK Only). This free warranty also includes an SD card for data logging, however you must register your product when delivered, and again, is only available to UK customers. Labcold also now send some of their fridges out with their iconic penguins inside.

The Labcold Penguins

The Labcold penguins have become something of a icon at shows and other events. Labcolds marketing stress ball penguin has become a collectors item, with Labcold bringing different colours and patters to shows with them. We have well over 10 sitting in different locations around the office and our showroom!

Labcold Pharmacy Fridges

LEC Medical Pharmacy Fridges

LEC Medical (the LEC brand) celebrated its 70th Birthday in 2012 and is certainly one of the most popular fridge manufacturers for care homes, from what we see anyway. their catalogue now includes their range of recently launched PSR fridges which are as ever available with solid or glass doors and come with a 5 year warranty as standard.

The LEC pharmacy range of fridges have been designed to meet the demands placed on them by the market. They have developed a range of pharmacy refrigeration that provides an even greater accuracy when measuring temperature.

LEC’s new range of ‘°CONTROL’ fridges have been designed to measure the temperature of the vaccine stored within them, rather than the generic air temperature within the fridge itself. Look for the PSR product codes for these fridges within our catalogue.

The LEC range of fridges are also made in Great Britain.

Please note that some of the fridges within the LEC pahrmacy range are sold with a 2 year warranty as standard. This includes the PE109C which is by far and away our best seller into care homes etc.

LEC Medical

  • Smallest Fridge (L) – 45
  • Largest Fridge (L) – 353
  • Warranty (Years) – 2-5 Years
  • Range – Solid and glass doors available
  • Temerature range –  2°C to 8°C
  • Temperature alarms – Yes
  • Lock – Yes


  • Smallest Fridge (L) – 36
  • Largest Fridge (L) – 505
  • Warranty (Years) – 5 Years (UK only, fridge must be registered with Labcold)
  • Range – Solid and glass doors available
  • Temerature range –  2°C to 8°C
  • Temperature alarms – Yes
  • Lock – Yes

Supplier specific information on this page is taken from supplier websites and supporting documentation and is intended in good faith. The information is intended for Pharmacy Medical reference only.