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Replacement Euro Profile Cylinder Lock

Product Code: KMS3010-NP

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Options for your Controlled Drugs Cabinet

A Selection of factory fitted options for your controlled drugs cabinet.

Simple Warning Light.

An external LED flashing warning light indicating that the door of the drugs cabinet is open.

A volt-less contact inside the door completes a circuit when the door is open causing the LED to illuminate indicating that the door is open.

Only £35.00 (plus your cabinet).

Warning Light and Buzzer

A visual and audible system to alert users that the door of a drugs cabinet is open and has been left open.

Consisting of a colour changing LED indicator and an audible buzzer, the green LED is illuminated when the door of the cabinet is initially opened, then after a predetermined period (150 seconds / 2.5 minutes) the green LED is extinguished and replaced by a red warning light and the buzzer sounds. This system is mounted in a box on top of the cabinet and must be ordered at the time of purchase.

The delay time for the buzzer is set at a factory default of 2.5 minutes or 150 seconds, however this cab be shortened or increased to a maximum of 5 minutes at the discretion of the purchaser. We must be notified of any time changes prior to installation.

Wired nurse call system.

We can fit a voltage free contact switch to any controlled drugs cabinet, this switch can then be connected using a cable to your monitoring system. (Please check with your monitoring system company before ordering). On the opening of the door, your system alerts the responsible person to this fact. This switch must be ordered with your cabinet. We can supply and fit to previously purchased cabinets from us, please contact us for more information.

Only £35.00 (plus your cabinet).

Wireless door monitoring system.

Our remote wireless cabinet door monitoring system is the only one of it's kind currently available. It has been developed by ourselves to facilitate the monitoring of Controlled Drugs cabinet doors without the need for time consuming and expensive hard wiring.

The system wirelessly informs the responsible person when a cabinet door is open and repeats this warning at a predetermined interval and for a predetermined time. The unit will then send a notification when the cabinet door has been closed.

- Simple to use, just switch on and go.

- No electrical installation required.

- Discrete internal transmitter unit, aerial only visible on the outside of the cabinet.

- Numerous cabinets can be monitored from one pager unit.

- Low maintenance (occasional battery replacement).

- Will not interfere with other equipment.

- Up to 300m open and 75m internal range.

- Repeaters available which will extend the range even further.

- Handy size pager unit can be desk mounted or carried in pocket.

- Pager unit runs off AA 1.5volt battery giving up to 3 months battery life.

- Cabinet and pager low battery level warning reported to pager.

- Pager size 80mm x 55mm x 20mm.

- System can be fitted to any cabinet within our range as a factory fitted extra.

- Compatible with all 'pocsag' paging systems which are connected to all nurse call systems.

Please contact us for more information on availability and pricing.