How to Measure Your Cabinet.

Measuring guide to help you choose the right cabinet.

Here at Pharmacy Medical we try to give you as much information as possible prior to purchasing. In doing this we hope we give you all the information to allow you to make an informed purchase.

The hardest part of choosing the cabinet is to judge the sizes, especially when buying online. To help you better visualise the size of the cabinets within our range, we have produced this guide.

We recommend you read the  guide and measure the available space in which you intend fitting the cabinet into, prior to purchase. Use the below guide, and a tape measure to help you better visualise the product you are considering purchasing.

All the cabinets we sell are advertised with a height, width and a depth measurement all in millimeters. These dimensions are the external dimensions of the cabinet you are looking at. The internal dimensions will be slightly lower, however only approximately 6mm less due to our cabinet design.

We dimension all our cabinets with height, width and depth based on you looking at the cabinet from the front (the face with the door on). Therefore:

  • The height is the distance from the top to the bottom of the cabinet.
  • The width is the distance from the left to the right of the cabinet
  • The depth is the distance from the front to the back.

This guide is applicable for all cabinets from Pharmacy Medical.

Into Context:

If we then put this into further context with a CDC002 controlled drugs cabinet. The CDC002 is one of our most popular cabinets and has recently undergone a design and configuration change further improving its usability and storage capacity.

A CDC002 is listed as:

Controlled Drugs Cabinet | 335mm (H) x 300mm (W) x 270mm (D) | CDC002

Therefore, the cabinet is:

  • 355mm from the bottom to the top of the cabinet
  • 300mm from the left to the right of the cabinet
  • 370mm from the front to the back of the cabinet.

The above dimensions are as ever based on the cabinet being sat upright on its bottom with the door facing forwards.

To further put that into context, here is a picture of an actual CDC002 controlled drugs cabinet with the dimensions shown.

Please ensure that you have checked the size of your cabinet before you place an order. We can accept returns for cabinets that you have “ordered the wrong size”, however it can be a costly process. These cabinets are relatively expensive to ship.


Please be aware that this guide is specifically relevant to Pharmacy Medical’s cabinets only. How we measure our products may differ from others and therefore should only be used as a guide for cabinets on this website, and this website alone.