Buying Guide For Controlled Drugs Cabinet

A Controlled Drugs Cabinet Buying Guide to Assist Your Purchase

Here at Pharmacy Medical we want to give you the most information we can, prior to you making your purchase. We know that buying something like a Controlled Drugs Cabinet online can be a difficult process, therefore we have prepared this buying guide, and the guides on the subsequent pages. Links below. Please have a read through these before ordering and if you need any further assistance, please give us a call.

Wall or Floor Fixing?

Our catalogue of controlled drugs cabinet are predominantly wall fixing. That said, we have several floor fixing units, and most of our cabinets can be converted to floor fixing upon request. Whilst most of our cabinets are designed to be fixed to a wall, we must make you aware that these units can be heavy, and in particular our larger units are better suited to sitting on the floor whilst being secured to the wall. In addition, you should not secure your cabinet to a studded wall, they should be secured to an internal brick wall. That is the same for floor fixing, they should be secured to a solid floor. This is due to the making them difficult to remove from the wall. The regulations state a force that the cabinet must withstand before it is pulled from its mounting. A cabinet secured to a hollow wall would not meet this requirement.

If you require one of our standard wall fixing cabinet converting to floor fixing, you can purchase our floor fixing kit with you cabinet, or give us a call to discuss.

How do I Fix My Cabinet?

Fixing our controlled drugs cabinet to either the floor or wall is a very simple process. All our CD cabinets are sent out with the correct fixing bolts. All you need to do is mark the position of the holes that are on the bottom or back of the cabinet. Drill a 10mm hole and insert the bolts. We must advise again that you check the strength of the wall or floor that you are fixing your cabinet to. As we mentioned in the section above, the wall needs to be of brick (or similar) construction, and not a studded wall. Please also check that you find the fixing bolts sent out with your cabinet before throwing the packaging away. All CD cabinets are sent out with the correct number of correct specification fixing bolts. We can supply more if you lose them, but there will be a cost involved.

There is a more detailed fitting guide in the link below:

See more here.

Checking Sizes

This is probably the hardest part about buying a CD cabinet. Trying to check the sizes of a product you can’t see in front of you can be quite difficult. Therefore, we have created our measuring guide. This guide better explains how to interpret the sizes we put to our cabinets, so you can make a better educated decision. The guide provides a visual representation of the sizes on a stock CD cabinet. We strongly advise that you check the sizes of the cabinet you order before ordering. We also try to order our cabinets by volume, starting with the smallest. The volume can be seen on the main image, next to whether the cabinet is wall or floor fixing. Please read the guide on measuring your cabinet, a link to this is above. We also strongly advise measuring the space that your cabinet is intended to fit in, something that can often be overlooked. If you need any further information, please get in touch.

Buying guide; fixing your controlled drugs cabinet