Thank You for Buying from Pharmacy Medical

Firstly, can we say a big thank you for buying from Pharmacy Medical.

It’s your support and feedback that keeps us growing and developing, ultimately ensuring we can offer the best products on the market today.

Now comes the important bits. The following information is geared towards anyone that has purchased a cabinet, trolley or a fridge through ourselves. If you haven’t purchased one of these items, you  don’t really need to read the rest.

CD Cabinets, Medicine Cabinets, CoSHH Cabinets and Trolleys:

If you have purchased one of the above, your order will now be heading  to the shop floor where it will land on “Craigs List”.

Who’s Craig? Well he’s our main dispatch guy, he assembles and packs all the goods we ship. Craig is a very busy chap as you can imagine. Having one main person to ship everything however, ensures we know everything is shipped correctly.


When your order comes in, Craig will locate the item within our warehouse and then carry out the final assembly on it if required to ensure it is to your specification This may involve fixing the door(s) in place and installing the lock(s) to the cabinet and any switches or alarms you may have requested. Your cabinet is then wrapped in protective foam and the red envelope containing the instructions and keys is added to the packaging.

The red envelope is very important. Please ensure you have located this before throwing anything away.

Craig then puts the cabinet and the envelope into the box, labels the box identifying what cabinet it is, seals it and sends it through for dispatch.

Please note that our dispatch process does not allow us to send cabinets  without keys. Therefore, we are unable to accept any issues or returns for items that are reported to not have keys with them. Please take extra care on receiving your goods to locate the red envelope containing the keys.