Controlled Drugs Cabinet | 335mm (H) x 300mm (W) x 270mm (D) | HBNDC002


HBNDC002 Controlled Drugs Cabinet for the Storage of Controlled Drugs

BS2881:1989 and the “Misuse of Drugs (Safe Custody) Regulations 1973” compliant Controlled Drugs Cabinet

This controlled drugs cabinet incorporates the following features:

  • Size (H x W x D) – 335mm x 300mm x 270mm
  • Wall fixing with 2 x 10mm x 75mm long sleeve anchors (supplied).
  • Shelves (Qty.) – One internal shelf.
  • Single point locking, one lock supplied with three keys.
  • Misuse of Drugs Act, BS2881:1989 and BS3621 compliant
  • Designed to conform to HBN14-02

Made to order, approx. 3 weeks


HBNDC002 Controlled Drugs Cabinet

Controlled Drugs Cabinet Designed to be Compliant with Health Building Note 14-02 – Medicines storage in clinical areas.

This HBNDC002 controlled drugs cabinet is based on one of the most popular cabinets we sell. Its small size offers a reasonable amount of storage in a small package.

PLEASE NOTE; our standard CD cabinets are more than compliant for the storage of controlled drugs. The HBN range of cabinets offer additional security above and beyond what it required for “Misuse of Drugs (Safe Custody) Regulations 1973”.

At Pharmacy Medical we manufacture this HBNDC002 Controlled Drugs cabinet in our own factory here in the UK. The cabinet itself is designed to conform to BS2881:1989 (Security Level Two). This is the specification for Cupboards for the Storage of Medicines in Health Care Premises as specified in HBN14-02. Furthermore, meets or surpasses the requirements of the “Misuse of Drugs (Safe Custody) Regulations 1973”. This is the requirement in the UK for the storage of controlled drugs. In addition, the design and construction of this cabinet is intended to make it compliant with Health Building Note 14-02 – Medicines storage in clinical areas.
We have designed this cabinet specifically to store Controlled Drugs. The cabinet is constructed from at least 3.0mm thick steel.
All Controlled Drugs Cabinet prices include the necessary fixings and delivery to mainland UK.
The design of our controlled drugs cabinets also sets us apart from our competitors. We use piano hinges to hold the doors in place. As a result, we increase the access size into the cabinet. Most of all this enables you to make better use of the internal space. The piano hinge is also stronger than other hinging methods, adding further to the security level offered by our cabinets.

This design builds on our template of a quality product. The new and improved design has allowed for us to reduce the returns around the front of the cabinet further improving the opening aperture allowing for better than ever access into the cabinet itself.

As part of our path to making these controlled drugs cabinets compliant with HBN14-02, we have made some changes over out standard cabinets. Increased thickness steel ensures they will withstand increased attack criteria, double skinned walls and doors create a smooth internal skin to the cabinets, and the uprated locks on the RKL models add another level of security.

Designed to be fully compliant with the Misuse of Drugs (safe custody) act 1973 and BS2881:1989 Level 1 + 2

Cabinet Standards:

The below are British Standards and legislation this controlled drug cabinet conforms to.

  • The Misuse of Drugs (Safe Custody) Act 1973
  • BS2881:1989 (Security Level One) Specification for Cupboards for the Storage of Medicines in Health Care Premises
  • Designed to conform to BS2881:1989 (Security Level Two) Specification for Cupboards for the Storage of Medicines in Health Care Premises
  • BS3621 anti-pick & drill, key retaining six pin cylinder lock (supplied with 3 keys)

Controlled Drugs Cabinet Specification:

  • Constructed from 3.0mm thick cold reduced mild steel sheet.
  • 6mm thick anchor plates at all fixing points.
  • 0.9mm thick internal walls and door skin.
  • Fully welded construction.
  • Anti-Jimmy folded return down full length of hinge side of door.
  • A 1.5mm thick mild steel continuous hinge.

Controlled Drugs Cabinet Lock Cylinder Specification:

  • Standard Cylinder on HBN RKL models
    • ABLOY NOVEL Cylinder
    • Patented cylinder and key structure in the UK and Ireland which can not be easily replicated
    • Patented feature is AWS, Anti-Wear- System. AWS is an arrangement in the cylinder and key, which minimizes the effect of wear to the cylinder operation
    • Two-way operation of cylinder
    • Strictly-controlled key duplication
    • Reinforced plastic key bow with new design
    • Replication of keys and key cutting is strictly controlled, as they can only be created with a related keycard at an authorized Abloy Centre.

Controlled Drugs Cabinet Mortise Deadlock Specification:

  • Hardened steel mortise bolt with anti-saw facility incorporated in cabinet design.
  • 14mm deadbolt throw.


Polyester powder coated in Ral 9003 (White) Gloss.

Electronic Locking on this Drugs Cabinet.

Here at Pharmacy Medical we are constantly developing our cabinets to unsure they are the best available on the market. We are proud to be able to incorporate the ABLOY® CLIQ locking system on this cabinet. This is a cost option, please contact us to discuss.

You can read more on the Abloy CLIQ locking system by following this link.


Please note that we do not offer an installation service for this cabinet. However, installation is very simple and we supply all of the relevant number of bolts required to install our cabinets. Installation should be done by a competent person using the fixing bolts supplied. You can read more about installation by following this link.

Additional information

Weight 12 kg
Dimensions 270 × 300 × 335 cm








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