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  1. East Midlands Ambulance Lifepak Reel Prototype

    Metal Cable Reel Prototype for East Midlands Ambulance Service Lifepak System

    East Midlands Ambulance service are a regular and valued customer who were suffering from expensive cable damage on their Lifepak machines during use. They tasked us to develop a cost effective and easy to use solution to this problem.

  2. Controlled drugs cabinets complimented by new CoSHH cabinets.

    CoSHH Cabinets complimenting our Controlled Drugs Cabinets

    We have recently introduced a range of CoSHH cabinets to supplement our range of medical and controlled drugs cabinets. Manufactured in a similar style to our Medicine cabinets these CoSHH cabinets although built to store different hazardous substances fit well within the range of medical cabinets we currently manufacture.


  3. Controlled Drug Cabinet Keys

    About Your Drug cabinet keys.

    Drug cabinet keys and their security is often overlooked when compliance with the Misuse of drugs (safe custody) regulations 1975 is being considered or reviewed. Controlled drugs cabinets and Medicine cabinets are only secure when they are locked and then only if a thief does not have access to the keys.
    When considering the positioning and fixing of a Controlled drugs cabinet or Medicine cabinet the Drug cabinet keys must be given as much importance as the other parts of the regulations surrounding Controlled drugs.


  4. Making Controlled Drugs Cabinets

    The Process Behind Making Controlled Drugs Cabinets

    We manufacture all our own controlled drugs cabinets here at Pharmacy Medical HQ in Nottinghamshire. As a result we are able to offer you market leading quality, price and service. But how do we do it? We explain the process of making controlled drugs cabinets below…


  5. CDC1020 Controlled Drugs Cabinet

    Our New CDC1020 Controlled Drugs Cabinet

    This CDC1020 Controlled Drugs Cabinet is a recent addition to our range of Controlled drugs cabinets. We assessed the popularity of this size of cabinet and subject to sales volume on include it in our stock range in the future. It has proved to be very popular and therefore it is now in stock!


  6. Controlled drugs room for bulk CD storage.

    Controlled drugs room manufactured specifically for a leading midlands pharmacy chain.

    Controlled drugs room for an independent pharmacy chain serving local communities with their nationwide branches, currently (at  the time of writing) in the process of building a new headquarters in Birmingham.


  7. Bespoke controlled drugs cabinets

    Bespoke Controlled Drugs Cabinets from Pharmacy Medical

    We were tasked to manufacture two bespoke controlled drugs cabinets for the West Midlands Ambulance service. Their brief was  to provide two bespoke controlled drugs cabinets which would allow them to safely and securely transport Controlled drugs in their delivery vehicles to and from ambulance bases and sites in and around the west Midlands.


  8. New range of Controlled drugs cabinets

    Our new range of controlled drugs cabinets helps to further reinforce our position as the leading manufacturer of Controlled drugs cabinets in the UK.

    With almost forty different sizes and configurations of cabinets now in our new range of controlled drugs cabinets we can offer what is probably the widest new range of controlled drugs cabinets available today. With large stocks ready for next day dispatch there is no better place to buy your Controlled drugs cabinets than from our new range of controlled drugs cabinets.