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  1. Denaturing Kits from Pharmacy Medical

    Denaturing Kits for controlled drugs and medicines from Pharmacy Medical

    A wide selection of market leading drug denaturing kits from Pharmacy Medical from as little as £1.07 each! Available from 30ml through to 5 Litres, we are confident that there is a size for any application.


  2. Storing Controlled drugs in a vehicle

    The intention of this Blog is to impart our interpretation of guidance on good practice  when Storing Controlled drugs in a vehicle.

    It is ultimately  the responsibility of the Controlled drugs accountable officer  how they perceive the best and most secure  method  for Storing Controlled drugs in a vehicle for their own specific operational requirements.

    We strongly advise you to seek the guidance of your CD accountable officer before embarking on a particular storage method.


  3. Controlled drugs cabinet manufacture

    Refreshing our Controlled drugs cabinet manufacture facilities

    Continued new investment in Controlled drugs cabinet manufacture helps keep us at the very forefront of Controlled drugs cabinet manufacture in the United Kingdom.

    To see our full range of cabinets please visit our on-line store or read on for how strive to produce them better. (more…)