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Plastic Pill Counter | Straight

£3.20 | £3.84 incl. Vat

Plastic Pill / Tablet Counter

Straight plastic Pill Counter

This Plastic Pill / Tablet Counter features:

– Rectangular

– Colour may vary

– Spatula not included

Plastic Tablet Counter | Triangle

£3.99 | £4.79 incl. Vat

Triangular Plastic Tablet Counter

Plastic Tablet counter with clear printed counting scale

This Plastic Tablet Counter features:

  • Triangular
  • 230 x 205mm
  • White
  • Marked to 15 rows / 120 tablets

Stainless Steel Tablet Counter | Triangle

£16.50 | £19.80 incl. Vat

Polished Stainless Steel Tablet Counter

Triangular stainless steel tablet counter with clear counting scale

This Stainless Steel Tablet Counter features:

– Triangular

– 205 x 190mm

– Manufactured from 304 grade high quality stainless steel.

Tablet Counting Equipment

Straight plastic pill counters and triangular plastic and stainless steel tablet counters

Here at Pharmacy Medical we stock and manufacture a range of quality tablet counting equipment. Our tablet counters are available in triangular and straight forms, and either plastic or stainless steel.

Both the plastic and stainless steel tablet counting triangles are branded in Pharmacy Medicals own logo and come complete with counting scales to ease the tablet counting process.

Our plastic tablet counting triangles are a very popular item amongst both care and pharmacy environments. Being a low cost and item they are robust yet provide clear and simple counting.