Sharps Bin | 0.6L


0.6L Yellow Sharps Bin

Medical Plastic 0.6L Sharps Bin for Sharps Disposal

This sharps bin features the following:

  • Usable Capacity: 0.6 Litres
  • Container weight (g): 125.2

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0.6L Yellow Plastic Sharps Container for Medical Sharps Disposal

These 0.6l sharps bins are ideal for community healthcare workers.

Part of a comprehensive range of yellow sharps bins, this unit is ideal for the disposal of sharps, including those contaminated with medicinal products and their residues.

The label shows details including disposal information. Disposal should be by incineration or other authorised process.

Whilst the sharps bin is in use it should be positioned safely using either a bracket or tray.

Never overfill, putting products past the safe fill line. Once full, the container should be locked