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Pharmacy and NHS Pharmacy Counter Bags

Paper and plastic pharmacy counter bags for over the counter sale in pharmacy

All Paper pharmacy bags are:

  • Pharmacy branded
  • Labelled with clear information and safety advice
  • Paper bags are sourced from FSC certified sources
  • Paper bags are PEFC certified promoting sustainable forest management

Here at Pharmacy Medical we offer a range of pharmacy counter bags. We have two definitive ranges, one with the NHS logo, and one without that logo.

Our NHS pharmacy counter bags are available in a wide range of sizes. All of the NHS branded bags feature the NHS Pharmacy Logo on all sizes. They are excellent quality and come with gusseted sides. As they are paper, they are 100% recyclable and also 100% biodegradable. In addition, they are eco-friendly as they include recycled paper.

Our second range of pharmacy branded bags, do not feature the NHS logo, however do feature the pharmacy green cross logo on all sizes, are again excellent quality and feature gusseted sides.